29 March 2014

Sunny Day

The forecast called for the marine layer to linger through mid-morning, but the sun had just climbed into a cloudless blue sky as I pedaled toward the beach. The swell was down from yesterday and I had an easier time getting to the main peak by the pier, where I wished a cheery good morning to bodyboarder David and shortboarder Roger, who is now sporting a beard.

The tide was rising fast and I chased a few waves to the inside, ending up where I'd seen a shortboarder jumping on waist- to chest-high lefts. I got my best wave there, though it ran out of juice well before the shallows. The crowd rose with the tide and I ended up in a sea of grommets, soon joined by Roger and David, who was cursing the king tide. I caught a wave in with them, although David let it wash him all the way up onto the wet sand in true frog style.

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