13 March 2014

Bike to Surf

Mmm, I dunno... (old rack)
No surf photo today because I road my bike to the beach, carrying my fish side-saddle in my new Carver rack. It's a lot less sketch than my old Huntington surf rack (now for sale on Craiglist) so I have no excuse not to be a good little enviro and use pedal-power whenever I surf in Pacific Beach. After all, it's less than a mile, straight shot, to the coast.

Surfline accurately called the waves poor-fair with "texture" (a polite term for chop) from the southerly breeze, but undercalled the size a bit. Since it was mostly head-high + closeouts at the pier, I rode on to Law Street and paddled out south of the Pumphouse.

My inner critic was in full swing. You should've gone for that one! Pop up faster! Turn quicker! Commit! Sometimes I wish I could just turn off the part of me that's focused on getting better, and just have fun.

The best wave was my last, a shoulder-high left on which I redeemed myself against the critic. Even tried a fancy off-the-lip that I didn't complete, but it's a learning process, and maybe next time I will.

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