01 January 2013


It's almost time to point the Surfmobile south and begin a new chapter of my life in San Diego. Rocket and Nemo will be strapped to the roof, ready for a coat of warm(er) water wax. And thus ends my sojourn as a NorCal surfer girl. I'll miss my local breaks, especially the solitude of crisp dawn patrols in Half Moon Bay with only one or a few of my surfing buddies. (Although I fully expect that they'll come visit me.)
This also brings to a close the wave journal of a norcal surfer girl, since after a 500-mile drive down the state, I'll be transformed into a SoCal surfer girl. We'll live near the beach and I'll be surfing much more often, so blogging each session would become repetitive and tedious for both writer and reader. But my main reason for resigning from a non-lucrative stint in blogging is an oft-cited one: I want to spend more time with family. Hopefully on the warmer waves, if I can entice him in. Look for me in my new Roxy 3/2 in San Diego-area lineups (I'll finally get to surf Trestles!), on Twitter, and in occasional posts on The Inertia.

Goodbye, NorCal. I'm leaving a piece of my heart behind and taking many salty and sand-encrusted memories with me. Keep warm and stay stoked!