19 March 2014

A Better Day

It's a good thing that I just got a Carver bike rack, since one of my MINI Cooper's runflats went flat thanks to a San Diego pothole and the car is out of commission for a few days. Here's the new setup:
Unfortunately the bike wants to tip over onto the surfboard so I have to be careful while loading/unloading, but it's solid when I'm riding. I also got a couple of solid rides on my shortboard this morning at the pier. The surf height is down to fun-size and less punishing, so I was less intimidated to take off at the peak. I'm getting my mojo back, slowly. No surf photo since I was on the bike, but here are some lovely cherry trees blooming at the Japanese Freindship Garden in Balboa Park yesterday:
I also found out yesterday that I'm going to surf with nine other San Diego Surf Ladies at the Rincon Invitational this weekend. It's not a typical surf contest; the emphasis is on "Sharing the Stoke." Each team gets Rincon to itself for an hour, and earns points for most waves caught, most waves shared, and most surfers sharing waves. It should be fun! The bad news is that the forecast is knee- to thigh-high and our time slot is at low tide. Since I've never surfed Rincon before I plan to make the most of whatever is on offer.

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