28 March 2014

Buddy Surf

Yesterday Luke texted me that he was in town and wanted to meet up for a sunset surf. Tourmaline did not inspire either of us, so we deferred until this morning for better conditions.
Tourmaline before sunset yesterday
I biked over and met Luke at the Pier just as he finished his walk from the Banana Bungalow hostel. I'd brought my fish since the tide was falling off a 5' high, hoping it would get me into more of the soft waves than my shortboard. The waves were clean and up to head-high. Although Luke was longboarding and had a blast, my sorry streak continued. I caught a few closeouts and one what-the-hell reform (a decent ride almost to the beach), but on the only shoulder I found, the fish slid out from under me on my backside. I'm starting to think I may need a different board for my home break on a higher tide, something that is floaty enough to get me into soft waves but also able to hold a steep face when they start to jack up. At Rincon, Alice was riding a Firewire Sweet Potato and catching as many waves as the longboarders. She says she loves the board and rides it in all sorts of conditions. I'm going to try to demo one, although the longest cheaper Grom size is a 4'10" (eek!).

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