01 February 2014

San Elijo Shredders Session

Rebecca organized a midday SDSL Shortboard Shredders session today at San Elijo's "85s". (I have no idea why it's called that.) Although five other members signed up, we were the only two who showed.
She hadn't surfed in 3 weeks and I'm working around this back thing, but we had fun, catching lots of gutless windswell waves around chest-high. Thankfully it wasn't crowded, likely due to meh surf after a good run of better swell. Probably I should've brought my fish yet did OK on my shortboard. Nothing epic but I can't complain about countless rides.
Driving home along the coast road, I stopped to snap the Cardiff Kook just a few minutes south.
I'm not sure why they call him Kook, although it probably has something to do with the funky arms, but for sure the dude who wrote the pathetic poem on the statue's base is a real kook. He ain't a goofy-foot, yo! (Sorry, too much Breaking Bad. I miss Breaking Bad...)

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