02 February 2014

Cold Mush for Second Breakfast

After a tasty first breakfast of scrambled tofu with zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and Daiya vegan cheese, I lingered over a second one of cold mush at Crystal Pier. The waves were backing off and so soft that when I could get into them on my fish, they ran out of gas quickly. And those darn longboarders were getting in early and not much in a mood to share. I felt schadenfreude when I saw one of them cross-step right off his board.
Trying to find a sweet spot, I paddled around a bit, and for a time sat inside next to the pier with a couple of college boys on shortboards. I got into an elbow-to-elbow paddle-battle with one of them, and though I felt the wave lift my board, he was closer to the peak so I let him have the waist-high closeout. Lots of chasing waves for only four ridden, but I still can't think of a better way to start the day.

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