26 February 2014


Fletcher Cover sk8r dog
Ashley gave me an excuse to drive to Cardiff with a MINI-full of EPS foam for Waste to Waves recycling, but she and Jen bailed on surfing because the waves were small.

By the time I paddled out alone at Tabletops to join the only guy on the one peak that was working, the onshore breeze had turned on and my expectations were pretty low. I had more fun than anticipated, including a long swishy left on my fish.

In other news, it's official - I'm a writer! The San Diego Reader is paying me for this story excerpted from my post on The Inertia about the sustainable surfing conference. Woot!
It didn't look like much, but I had fun.
No room for Nemo in the MINI. How many surfboards cores will come from 4 large trash bags of foam?

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