17 February 2014

The Parking Gods Decide

Today is a government holiday, Presidents' Day, which I'd forgotten until I tried to park near the beach at mid-morning. I checked the pier and south of it, then circled back to the north side where I finally found a spot.
No parking on the south side
Next week we move from north Pacific Beach to near the center of it, about a mile from the coast. Since there are no hills on the new route to give me an excuse, I plan to ride my bike to surf more often. Today wouldn't have been a good day for that anyway as the wind came up early, which makes my bike hard to control with a surfboard raised like a giant rudder behind the seat.
There and back again
The breeze wasn't too strong initially and I rode a couple of fun, decently long waves, enough to put a smile on my face. Then the fog and wind rose, and the surface became messy with chop, so I jumped on a reform and worked it all the way in. Tomorrow, earlier!

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