01 November 2012

Rocket Sings (HMB Jetty)

Ooo la la, that was a fun session at the Jetty! My first wave was the best, a right that I think was a little over my head. I dropped in perfectly and turned mid-face for a good fast ride, dropping off near shore in front of one of the two other shortboarders in the water. Rocket really sings in the bigger stuff.
After those guys left I had the break all to myself for a while, until a janitor showed up, but there was plenty of room and waves for everyone. The Jetty was doing its shifty, backwashy thing, so it was kind of right time, right place. It was my best session in a while and I got a batch of other rides, mostly smaller rights, pretty fun although none topped the first. The last wave came close, bringing me to the beach with a big smile on my face. Stoked!
Surfline: Mid period WNW swell continues this afternoon while minor SW swell lingers. Good exposures are running in the chest-head high range while standout winter breaks go overhead+ on the best sets. Winds are light/variable for clean conditions. Look for improving conditions through the afternoon as the tide backs out. Buoy 46026: (Wave) SWELL: 6.2 ft at 10.0 s WNW 96 / WIND WAVE: 1.3 ft at 3.6 s SW / WVHT: 6.2 ft / APD: 7.6 s / MWD: 285° (Met) WSPD: 4 kn / GST: 6 kn / WVHT: 5.9 ft / DPD: 9.0 s / ATMP: 56° F / WTMP: 58° F. Tide: 4' falling to 2.5'.

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