05 January 2014

Not Last at Church

On the way to Church on a Sunday morning
The waves were indeed small at Church for my heat in the Gathering of the Tribes contest. Plus the Coalition of Surf Clubs bizarrely deems a shortboard to be 7'6" and under, so a woman on a mini-longboard was catching many of the biggest waves before a true shortboarder could get into them. And then I was disappointingly too far inside for the best set that rolled through in our 15 minutes.

Yet while the two waves I caught didn't offer me much, I managed a couple turns on my 5'4" fish. That was good enough to place fourth, ahead of the woman in red. Score!
SDSL Team Captain Jen was in the shortboard heat after mine. With dolphins.
Jen on a tiny left

A 7'6" "shortboard"

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