04 January 2014

Contest Prep

This afternoon I got reacquainted with my fish. My 3rd surf contest* is tomorrow, and much as I'd like to ride my new 5'4" Firewire Timbertek Spitfire, the forecast for Church is only 1-2 feet. I swapped out the twin-fin Proteck setup for the original tri-fins to gain more drive and hold, then took Nemo for a spin at mediocre waist-high Law Street. With a few solid although not spectacular rides under my belt, I guess I'm ready as I'll ever be for the morning heat. My modest goal is to not come in last.
*My second contest was in June at Tamarack State Beach in Carlsbad. Although I got a few decent waves on my 6'2" Rocket, the competition was two girls who were so young they had to be driven to the beach by their parents. They surfed circles around me, but it wasn't a fair fight. Tomorrow I'm part of Team San Diego Surf Ladies in a Coalition of Surf Clubs contest, which has separate heats for grown-ups. 

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