20 June 2010

A Whole Lot Better Than Nothing (HMB Jetty)

Although the naysayers were advising to skip surf check and sleep in, I found some fun little waves at the Jetty. Reasonably early for a Sunday morning although well past dawn, the wind hadn't come up yet, keeping conditions clean.
It was the right tide to groom the mix of small swells into short rights and lefts. Patience was required during long lulls between sets, and a helmet was prudent with the waves breaking shallow. I grazed on snack-sized waves until the chill drove me from the cold water. Stoked smiles on International Surfing Day!

Surfline: NW windswell and small, mid-period NW(295-300+) energy combine with S(170-190) and SW(230-240) groundswells for waist-head high surf this morning. Buoy 46012: S 2.3 ft @ 13.8 sec, NW 2.3 ft @ 10.8 sec.

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