25 June 2010

Dog on Dawn Patrol (Cowells)

We're still in a wave drought, but I found some fun little ones at Cowells this morning.
Everybody and his dog was out.

Surfline: Glassy, with a few clean little lines working through. NW-WNW (285-310) mid-period swell holds on as some new NW windswell is in the mix and SW (210-220) Southern Hemi swell also hold this morning. Most breaks remain small scale this morning with surf running in the 1-2'+ zone, as standout breaks pull in some fun zone sets in the waist-chest high zone. Conditions are nice and clean as the tide builds in from a negative low just before 5am. Buoy 46012: WNW 4.6 ft @ 9.1 sec. 


  1. That dog looks so cool about the whole thing - great clip.

    We are also in a drought, this is supposed to be the best time for surfing here and either the banks are shot, or the swell is too small. Bizarre. Climate change I reckon, hasn't been really good for about 5-6 years now.

  2. We're supposed to get a little south swell this weekend. Hope you get some decent waves soon too.

  3. Yeah, I was lucky to get it. I told the guy how to find my blog. Hope he made it here to see the vid.

  4. Thanks for posting the video. Raglan is a great water dog. I could probably use a bigger board for the both of us, but I guess I manage to make it work. Thanks for taking it.