07 June 2010

Welcome Home (HMB Jetty)

My gills were quite dry after more than a week out of the water, so I was eager to surf this morning before work. As I drove over the hill it began to drizzle, and kept it up all the way to the Jetty. The water was brown, the waves were small and there was a sideshore breeze, but I was getting wet regardless.
I was glad I went out, because I found a batch of fun short rides amongst the closeouts. Nothing great, but it put five dollars' worth in my empty stoke tank. I had the break to myself until a guy showed up on an orange fish and bid me good morning. Indeed, any morning is good that starts with a surf!

Surfline: Mix of mid-period WNW, small NW windswell, and slow rising new SSW groundswell. The better North Hemi exposed breaks offer waist-shoulder high surf. Standout spots produce plus sets. Beachbreaks with good exposure to the swell combo will offer some crossed up peaks/bowls. Cleanest conditions early.  Buoy 46012: WNW 3.3 ft @ 10 sec.

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