11 June 2010

Twofer (Manresa & The Hook)

On a rare weekday off, I rode a few fast and powerful shoulder- to head-high lefts at Manresa (woot!)...
...then caught a bunch of easy smaller rights at the Hook. Stoked!

Surfline: WNW wind/groundswell mix tops out as old SSW energy lingers in the background. Conditions are semi-clean across the region with most breaks running in the knee-thigh-waist high zone. Standouts pull in a few chest-shoulder high sets at times. Buoy 46012: NW 7.2 ft @ 10 sec.


  1. Nice....looks warm too. It was 1 degree Celcius here 2 days ago. Brrrr.....but the water was still quite warm for yesterday's surf.

  2. Aside from the damp chill of a brief passing fog bank, the air was pleasantly warm, and thankfully the upwelling of cold deep water has ended. Supposed to be hot today, about 26C.

  3. Wow, we had about 20C and it's winter :)) But it has been a lot colder.