15 June 2010

Positively Negative (Cowells)

I started my drive to Santa Cruz in the pre-dawn twilight, but there were already a couple dozen surfers in the water when I arrived just after 6 am. Apparently I'm not the only one who knows that Cowells loves a negative low tide.
There were plenty of fun waves rolling through, and I sat inside of the packed main peak to get some of them all to myself. The difference between dawn patrol and a weekend afternoon is the increased skill level of most of the surfers, so I had to be patient, but I enjoyed a lot of fine long rides before it was time to leave for work. Great morning!

Surfline: Nice, clean little low tide longboard lines working through. WNW swell mix is building slightly as long-period SSW(195-205) groundswell mixes in at top exposures. Most spots see knee-waist high+ waves, while top breaks pull in some chest-shoulder-head high sets. Winds are light for mostly clean conditions as the tide drains out to a -1.3' low tide just after 7am. Buoy 46012: NW 8.9 ft @ 11.4 sec.


  1. Ahhh! So fun. I may have to become a morning person after all.

  2. It's worth it! (but don't tell anyone)

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