28 February 2010

A Fine Summer Day in February (Capitola)

Sunny and in the 60s, with a good swell in the water. Who could ask for anything more? But to top it off, there was a light crowd, perhaps due to the US-Canada Olympic hockey match. I love it when TV sports empty the lineup.
Lowering tide made the break quite kelpy. One promising ride was brought to an early and abrupt end when kelp grabbed my fins, stopping my board dead in the water while I continued, flying off the front to a hard water landing. Happily, the crowd continued to fall with the tide, which was nearing a negative low by the time I left. I was able to move into a better position, catching waves inside or very near the breaking peak, then turning onto the unbroken face. I got a nice left and two long and fun rights, plus a gaggle of other rides. Très stoked!
Surfline: 3-5 ft. WNW(265-295) swell is our source of surf. Plenty of waves on tap this afternoon with solid 6-10'+ surf making it through. S wind is creating slightly textured/crumbly conditions, but most areas remain plenty rideable. Buoy 46012: 11.8 ft @ 14.3 sec.
 ~ ~ ~
Yesterday the California coast was under a tsunami advisory after the huge earthquake in Chile. Per the National Weather Service, "Tsunami advisories mean that a tsunami capable of producing strong currents or waves dangerous to persons in or very near water is imminent of expected. Significant widespread inundation is not expected for areas in an advisory." So of course we drove to Half Moon Bay at the anticipated time of arrival to watch from a safe distance. But nothing happened. And that's a good thing.


  1. Nice cruisey waves. The ASP suf comp. was cancelled in Queensland because of the tsunami warning - and nothing happened there either. Conditions here settled enough for an 'interesting' surf with sun and aqua jewel water again.

  2. PS I posted some pics of our local break from today's session. Nothing spectacular but gives you some idea of a very 'average' (not very good) day