10 February 2010

Moguls (HMB Jetty)

I almost put off dawn patrol until tomorrow, but I'm glad I didn't. I met up with Nikki and Luke and we had fun at the Jetty, where there were 3 peaks working to various degrees. I had my eye on the best one farthest to the south, but by the time we got out it was already taken.
Me, pointing to the nicer peak: It looks better over there, but there's already 5 people on it.
Luke: Yeah, it's always better over there. No matter where  "there" is, it's always better.
The air was only in the 40s but I was toasty in my new 5/4 Hotline PhoenixX wetsuit. With the tide very high, around 6 feet, there was a lot of backwash to keep thing interesting. I got some nice rides, mostly lefts. One wave had a bunch of water moguls, but I rode through them. Fun! It's so great that I'm not getting skunked anymore since I got my new Magic board, and in fact usually pull some pretty fine rides from even middling conditions.

Surfline: A deep high tide just before 8am keeps most breaks jumbled and slow through mid-morning as mid period WNW(270-290) swell continues. Better breaks across the region have waist-chest-head high surf, while top exposures pull in some overhead+ sets. Buoy 46012: 7.9 ft @ 11.1 sec.

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