15 February 2010

Thank You, Mr. Presidents (Capitola)

I got some great rides at Capitola on Presidents' Day afternoon. The best was a long left I worked from the outside through to the inside and almost to the beach.
For my last wave in, I did a two-parter: a right from the outside got me halfway there, then within a minute I caught a left to take me most of the rest of the way.
A large helping of stoke with a lovely sunset on top!

Surfline: 3-5 ft. Mostly sunny skies and pumping surf are on hand this afternoon as WNW swell slowly eases and some underlying SW swell mixes in. The tide is dropping so look for spots that can handle the size and like a lower tide to turn on this afternoon. Better breaks have chest-head high+ surf, with some solid overhead to double-overhead+ sets making it through the most exposed spots. Buoy 46012: 10.5 ft @ 14.3 sec.


  1. Glad you had a good session. I did very well at Indicators / cowells. Beach is now even bigger, you can almost walk from the cowells steps to indicators steps on dry sand. Hoping for a dawn patrol at the Jetty in the AM.

  2. Woohoo - I had so much fun at Capitola today. It was me and mostly the old dudes sitting outside waiting for the set waves. I shared one solid 4' with another logger for close to a minute. Massive fun!