01 March 2010

My Dream Surf Trip

My dream surf trip would be a repeat visit to the second longest left in the world, at Pavones, Costa Rica, near the border with Panama. I attended a surf camp there almost 3 years ago, and found it to be the finest wave I've ever ridden.Three-minute long rides are possible on the right swell, and it's just a fine-shaped, consistent wave, with difficulty level increasing closer to the point. Goofy-foot heaven. This time I'd return with my quiver, my husband and a few of my best surfing buddies on a private jet (hey, this is a dream trip, right?). We'd rent a luxury house overlooking the bathtub-warm blue Pacific, with a pool and a full staff, including a vegan chef to make good use of local produce such as tasty tamarinds. The kitchen would be stocked with my favorite chips, not available in the States: platano verde con limon y sal (green plantains with lemon and salt). Mornings and evenings would be spent in extended surf sessions, with a friendly instructor to help me and my buddies advance our shortboarding skills and teach my husband to surf. Between sessions, we'd go hiking in the jungle and be screamed at by monkeys while looking for exotic and colorful birds and butterflies, then relax in the pool and take a siesta until the second daily sesh. Since Pavones is a place at the end of the road, with no internet, a single pay phone, and nothing much in the way of nightlife, we'd have to make our own entertainment. Fortunately the late show is dazzling; at night we'd look up at the dark velvet sky filled with more stars than I could have imagined. Rinse, sleep, and repeat.


  1. Ok, where do I sign up? I can handle the left :)

  2. vegan chef? good waves? i wanna go! last time i was at pavones, i had the flu the whole time and the swell was a bit big/scary for me. i want another crack at it. i've also heard of a pretty amazing right just across the bay...

  3. Hey, we should just get a group together and set up a trip!

    When I was in Pavones, we took a boat across Gulfo Dulce and surfed the right on the other side. It was fun, but the long left at Pavones was just awesome! I only wish I'd been at my current skill level instead of barely past beginner. Need to go again...

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I just moved to Oakland and my biz is helping people plan surf trips to Costa Rica. My website is - http://www.crsurf.com - and I'd be glad to help you get back down there.

    Hope to see you out in the lineup to share some sets.


  5. Nikki's one of my surf buddies; I'm Cynthia. And actually we've met before, Greg, in ~2003 when I was involved with starting the Cocoa Beach chapter of Surfrider.

    I'd love to go back to CR sometime but it's not in the cards for a while - too many other places to explore!

    P.S. You do know Google doesn't index links in blog comments?