11 February 2010

Mavericks is On! Know Before You Go

The not-quite-annual big wave contest is on for this Saturday in my own backyard, just around the corner from my home break. I'll be there, of course.

If you go, bring binoculars because Mavericks is a good distance offshore. The streets of Princeton-by-the-Sea will be closed, so be prepared for bad traffic and a long walk, or you can pay $15 to park at the Half Moon Bay airport and take a "free" shuttle in. The contest takes place in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the shoreline and cliffs are fragile, sensitive ecosystems; please remember to tread lightly and pack out your trash.

There are plenty of other viewing options if you're not local or want to skip the hassles: webcast, FLO TV, Facebook, and a huge screen at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Check the Mavericks website for more info.

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