20 February 2010

Board, Bike & Boats (Cowells/Indicators)

Wish I'd gotten one like the guy in the video. But it was crowded where it was decent, and too mushy/blown out where it wasn't crowded - plus for whatever reason I was kooking it up today. So I got only one good wave. On the up side, with my new board I'm feeling more comfortable on slightly OH waves, as long as they're on the gentle side.

A little Magic... but it was a better day for sailing.
 Hers 'n' his toys... making the MINI Cooper turn even more heads.
Surfline: W swell picked up further this morning with overhead waves at many breaks and sets to double overhead at standout spots. W wind is on the rise and will hurt surface conditions. Buoy 46012: 9.2 ft @ 12.5 sec.


  1. man, i am jealous of your sess's! i did go out last week to the chevron jetty just north of el porto. it was alot of fun. but then it was back to house work. rush went out the the PV indicator's and broke his board. it sucks working on a house when its been like the best season in years. i wonder if the sand bars in waddell came back? there has been alot of erosion down here. waves are still forming well, so cant complain too much.

  2. hey! i just came across your blog. i'm from the central coast (i study in sc) but am currently studying abroad in denmark and your blog is keeping me virtually stoked! i miss the surf like no other... thanks for sharing!

  3. Dwizz, you're sounding too respectabiggle. Get out and surf! I haven't been to Waddell in a while; probably not till summer when it won't kick my ass too badly. The sandbars - new beach, really - that formed at Cowells have majorily mucked up the wave, so who knows...

    Glad to help you stay stoked, Maya! When you get back, maybe we can meet up for a surf.

  4. I loooove the 2nd image. Can't wait for flowers... and surf, of course!

  5. Thanks, Johna! I like that shot too. It's nice that so many flowers are blooming now. Spring is around the corner...