21 May 2010

Sharing the Stoke (Canoes)

On our last morning in Hawaii, Scott joined me for the first half of a two-hour session. Since Koa doesn't open until 10 am (I guess they dawn patrol every day), we got surfboards from Moku, which starts renting at 6:30. Once again the 8'2" NSP was already claimed, but they had an 8'6" NSP for me and a 9'0" for Scott.
The waves were a little more closed out than yesterday but I got countless fun rides, and Scott caught a nice left down the line. It was hard to force myself to come in when my two hours were nearly up. I squeezed in just one more, and then another that took me through a surf school and close to shore. I'll miss the warm water, consistent fun waves, and island aloha. But the stoke goes on!

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