08 May 2010

A Glovely Day (HMB Jetty)

Overheard in the lineup: "It's a glovely day. As in, you really want to have some gloves." Not to mention a hood, 5 mil booties and a 5/4 wetsuit. At least the air was a little warmer, in the low 50s, about the same temperature as the ocean.
Conditions were worse than for Thursday's dawn patrol, with the swell down and the wind and crowd up. I didn't want to fight for scraps on the main peak. Instead I sat on the second peak, which was closing out a lot to the right but had a short shoulder on the left, just for me. I eked out some fun little rides, including one that featured a water mogul I was happy to successfully navigate. The clouds parted as I left the water, and gold flecks in the wet sand sparkled in the sunshine.
Surfline: A mix of fading SSW (185-200) swell and small NW windswell means generally 3-4' surf. NW wind up to about 10kts is on it right now with bumpy, textured conditions at the more openly exposed areas. Buoy 46012: 3.6 ft @ 14.3 sec.

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