15 May 2010

Better Late (HMB Jetty)

Luke organized a Meetup at the Jetty for 9 this morning. Atypically (as I'm usually a few minutes late to everything), I arrived right on time, but no one else was there. The tide was low and the waves were tiny and uninspiring. I watched for more than 5 minutes, and then decided to check farther south for bigger waves.

Dunes [video] had more going on, but I didn't see either of the two guys out catch any rides. The onshore wind was already on it and would only get worse with time. After a phone consultation, in which late Luke assured me the Jetty would probably turn on in about half an hour with the incoming tide, I drove back north to meet up with him, Deepak, Jason and Ryan. Happily, my trust in a Jetty regular was not misplaced; by 10 am, there were clean and rideable waves that just got better as the tide filled in [video].
I rode too many waves to count, but the lefts were especially fun. A couple of times Luke and I shared an A-frame; regular-foot to the right, goofy-foot to the left. Yeah!

And now I have to finish packing for Hawaii. Aloha!
Luke going right, unattended Magic going over tiny falls
Surfline:Small NW windswell mixes with building SSW(180-200) energy for generally weak waves in the knee-chest-shoulder high range. Light onshore wind and a negative low tide early create textured, drained-out conditions. Buoy 46012: 4.6 ft @ 16.7 sec.

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  1. Nice. I look forward to reading about Hawai too. I saw from Emily's post how beautiful the water looks and waves seem friendly....at least where she was.