16 September 2008

Palin Also Into Water Sports

Gosh darn it, she's looking very presidential in this photo. And who needs a flag pin when you can wear a flag bikini? Though I did think conservatives frowned on such desecration.

As a liberal, unpatriotic city dweller, I must admit I'm unfamiliar with the frontier pastime of shoot-n-swim. The pool does look rather murky (no chlorine up in those parts?), so perhaps in small-town Alaska they fire off a few rounds at the water snakes before diving in. It kind of fits with this quote from Bill Parker, a former state legislator:
"People in Anchorage tend to think of people from Wasilla as toothless hicks, living on dope and poached moose."
Scary that she could end up an ancient heartbeat from the Presidency.

Update: Turns out the photo is a fake. (But if I was of a different political persuasion, I wouldn't tell you that.) So body-surfer Obama is still the best pick if your criteria is water sports. Or anything else. Funny to think I'll find out who's been chosen as our next President while I'm in Australia. I'm curious to see how much interest the result generates outside of this country.

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