17 September 2008


My planned summer Sunday surf sesh at Montara was canceled because my old Linda Mar back injury was acting up, but S and I had a nice beach walk there anyway. The waves were looking fun but gentle, and I wish I could've gone out and played.

I saw the weirdest thing, though: tow-skimboarding. A guy was sitting on a 4-wheeled lawnmower engine with a cable winch on the front, using it to pull a skimboarder along the edge of the water. When I first saw the skimboarder without noticing the line, I was amazed at his speed and skill. It looked fun, but then there's the stinky noisy motor, polluting the beach experience for everyone else. And the sandburn must be horrendous.


  1. Hi! As a longboarder who just bought a shortboard, I find your site informative and inspirational! Thanks for documenting your experiences. One question: Where would you recommend a new shortboarder go in the Bay Area or Santa Cruz to learn the art? I don't want to piss off the locals, but I do want decently good, steep waves to learn on. Oh, and if you ever feel like it, one blog entry that would be helpful for me to read would be a list of the top 5 or 10 things you've learned about how best to make the switch to shortboarding. Keep up the great work and happy surfing!

  2. Wow, nobody's ever said I'm inspirational before, thanks Eric.

    Linda Mar's always a good bet because almost everyone's a beginner/intermediate and the waves can get steep. On the down side, it's often crowded and closing out a lot. But at least no one's likely to yell at you. Beach breaks like Waddell and Montara can be good too on the right conditions, with generally plenty of room to practice.

    I'll have to think about the top tips for going short...