18 August 2008

At Least Obama's Getting Some

Wouldn't it be awesome if the next President can bodysurf? But what's all the fuss about Obama taking his shirt off at the beach? Perhaps McCain still wears one of the modest bathing costumes fashionable in his youth. If he knew how to use the Internet, maybe he'd understand that most men bodysurf topless in tropical water.
The swell and my schedule just aren't meshing lately. It's going to be Friday morning at the earliest before I can get wet. Sigh.


  1. This is great. The thought of a president being an ocean goer ... That would be so awesome.

    Just discovered your blog btw. Nice. :)

  2. Thanks! Your blog's pretty cool too, just added you to the Blogroll.

    If you ever want to get together for a surf, drop me a line: surfergrrrl@gmail.

  3. Is that a real picture of Obama, or is it a photoshop? very cool if it is real.

  4. Pretty sure it's real - there's a video here (but you have to watch a stupid commercial).