05 September 2008

Labor Day Sale

Update: Sold! I'm down to 3 boards again: fish, shortboard and longboard - although I'm keeping the LB just for others to borrow, or for when I need an easy stoke boost. The shorter boards definitely are more challenging at this point. When the guy with the girl who bought the funshape asked what I'm riding now and I told him about the 5'4" fish, I could tell he was impressed. I hadn't thought about it until that moment, but I guess it is a little impressive; I've come a long way from the first time I stood up on a 10' foamie in Cocoa Beach 5 years ago. But still a ways to go before I rip.
Let's face facts, I'm a shortboarder now, and I just can't see myself ever using my funshape again, even though it has a really cool underwater scene nose graphic. So it's up on Craigslist, along with the almost new 4/3 O'Neill wetsuit I bought about a year ago, which is only warm enough for me if the air temperature's 80 and the water's above 60 - a rare event around here. Check 'em out if you want to help me free up some wall and closet space:
7'2" Becker Supermodel Funshape
O'Neill 4/3 Dlux Women's Size 2

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