11 October 2012

And Then There Were None (HMB Jetty)

A buddy told me there were waves at the Jetty yesterday from the current swell, so I dashed over there during my window of surf opportunity late this morning. I struggled into my cold wet wetsuit, and shivered in the light breeze that chopped the water's surface.
I have a feeling conditions were better earlier, because there were eight other surfers out when I arrived, then five, then two, and at the end it was just me alone, bobbing in the ocean.
Long lulls were punctuated by closeout sets, the peaks were shifty and the backwash unpredictable, which made it all the more satisfying when I was able to catch an elusive rideable wave. A few of those otherwise unremarkable rides put a smile on my face.
Surfline: Light to moderate west wind is putting some bump and crumble on the water for most breaks this morning. Long period NW swell (290-300+) continues this morning with head high+ surf at many exposed breaks and sets to a couple feet+ overhead at standouts. Buoy 46026: WVHT 5.6 ft DPD 16 sec APD 7.3 sec MWD W 88 WSPD 9.7 kts ATMP 55.4°F WTMP 57.0 °F. Tide: 4' falling to just above 3'.
Half Moon Bay is ready for this weekend's Pumpkin Festival


  1. OMG Cynthia, I love your BLOG!!!

    Thank you, so much, for taking the time to write about you and your surfing experiences!!!

    I'm a 59 y/o parent of three (two are grown) and, and have been back in the water for the last two years. When I was much younger, I surfed every day. Then, life happened, had kids, etc. With my youngest going from competitive skateboarder into the water, it all just was so right.

    Your BLOG is so inspiring to me, and, makes me keenly aware that there are not enough of us in the water. YOU ROHQUE my world.

    Keep up the great work.!!!

    Who know's, maybe a Sesh at the Lane one day!!



    1. Thanks, Lain! And if you're ever in NorCal (or who knows, I may relocate down south), let's meet up for a surf :)

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    It's offshore here, small but very rideable! Santa Ana's are blowing, it's beautiful!!

    Yes, It would be so wonderful to surf with you!!

    Do enjoy your evening!!