20 March 2010

A Taste of Summer (HMB Jetty)


The first day of spring brought a hint of summer, with small waves and nice weather. Since I'd tried unsuccessfully to get out for a surf Thursday (stuck at work) and Friday (stuck in traffic), I was determined to make it to the beach today.

The diminutive size of the swell removed the figurative "Closed for Winter" signs from many breaks that have been too big and unruly for months, opening up the possibilities for surfing in Half Moon Bay and beyond. I checked Dunes first, but late in the day, an onshore breeze was crumbling the waves. I drove north to the Jetty to find a little more shelter. The swell was crossed up and positioning was a bit of a challenge, but it was good to wash away the stresses of a busy week on some fun waves.

Surfline: Fun zone mix of WNW and SSW groundswells set up waist-shoulder high surf for lots of spots while top breaks were hitting head high plus. Buoy 46012: 4.6 ft @ 16.7 sec.

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