23 May 2009

Half Moon Bay @ Jetty, 23 May 2009

The Jetty again! Yes, but it turned out to be the best spot on the San Mateo County coast this morning. Next time will be someplace different, I promise.

S and I first meet up with newly-stoked newbie V and tardy L plus his friend J at Roosevelt Beach, but decent surf just wasn't happening there; it was decidedly uninspiring. So we caravanned up the road to the Jetty which showed some potential. In fact, it turned out to be quite fun on the fish, when I stayed close to the riprap jetty to catch waist-chest high waves that had decent shape. I got in a couple of pretty good rides and caught a handful more waves with varying success. L pulled off a really nice long glide on his longboard, while V got the feel of her new funshape.

J, a long-time Santa Cruz surfer, had elected to stay on the beach, filming L and critiquing. He offered some valuable observations on my surfing, the primary one being two Cs: Commitment and Confidence. It was good to hear that I'm picking waves wisely, and that I was right in the pocket on my rides, but he said I need to let go of thinking and feel the wave, just go for it without pulling back. Sometimes hard to do as an analytical-minded engineer, but I'll work at it. Be fearless!


  1. When you've been surfing as long as those guys have (I am assuming) you won't have to think about it either. I reckon it does become automatic, but while you are still on the upward trajectory and trying to get better, there is a lot of thinking going on. I am as good as I will ever get (which isn't saying much) but I don't think about it much these days.

  2. Hi, just fyi, I swung by Roosevelt in the mid-afternoon and it was still uninspiring, but Dunes looked promising...

  3. J's been surfing for 20 years but he has a point. Thinking can cause hesitation, and she who hesitates looses the wave.

    OTFs, did you go out at Dunes to see if it fulfilled the promise?

  4. Nope I didn't, because I was on my way back from a session at the jetty. Dunes looks like it needed just a bit more swell. It bears further investigation!