24 December 2008

HMB @ Jetty, 23 December 2008

I bit my shortboard at the start of a sunset session. Foolishly trying to follow L out through shore pound when there was a perfectly good rip nearby, I attempted to jump over a closeout that was too big and powerful for that maneuver to succeed. The wave grabbed my board and threw it in my face. Not the first time I've kissed the Xanadu, though I could tell immediately it was the worst, with my lip split and bleeding profusely, as B confirmed. But I'd only just arrived, so I used the rip and headed to the lineup anyway. Unfortunately the conditions had deteriorated significantly by that time of day, with lots of wind chop and poor wave form, so I got nada but a fun whitewater bellyride in.

After carefully eating dinner with L & B at tasty Siam Thai restaurant, S and I headed home and I was able to assess the damage to my still-bleeding mouth. One of my top front teeth has been rotated noticeably inward and aches from the dislocation. Not surprising, given the deep dent it made in the deck of my board. As to my lip, who needs injections to look like Angelina Jolie? Board-smacking is free, although I would need to apply copious amounts of red lipstick to hide the other damage.

Or in honor of Christmas eve, perhaps in addition to my Santa cap I'll wear a Santa beard over my mouth. Happy Holidays, everyone! Oh, and if you know someone who does good epoxy ding repair in the Bay Area or Santa Cruz, or a good dentist who hasn't closed already for the holidays, let me know.


  1. Hmmm... that's not too bad. Fritz from Surftech is a friend of mine, I can ask him where he would recommend getting that repaired.

    Sorry I don't have an epoxy source offhand, all my boards are glass and I usually repair small ding myself.

  2. Cynthia: Any bone and dental injuries are really a bummer. So we are really so sorry to hear about it. At least you did not break the teeth that's good.

    As for the ding, like Rich says, I won't bother with it. Most of us get dings here and there of that level. If you are concenred, I'd just drop some epoxy gule or use the epoxy suncure and sand that down.


  3. Thanks, Manabu. I don't want a noticeable spot in the light gray as a constant reminder of this mishap (especially as I might screw it up anyway!), so I'll get a pro repair.

    Leigh, I surely would appreciate a recommendation from your Surftech friend.

  4. Glad today turned out much safer and just about perfect. The conditions are looking really good for New Years Day, I am trying to get a bunch of us together for surfing and maybe some lunch after.