04 May 2007

Pleasure Point, 4 May 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: Rising, just past -0.5 low
Wind: Light breeze
Air/Water Temp: 50/54 degrees
Wildlife: Dolphins, a seal, an otter, and a mean guy

Like yesterday only worse - cloudier, windier, more disorganized. And when I didn't quite manage to paddle out over a wave before it started to break and tumbled me, smashing my chin and lip into my board (my first pressure ding - sob!), I came up to an angry asshole yelling at me for hitting him. This despite the fact that, as D reported, there were copious amounts of blood flowing from my lip at the time. I don't know where Angry Guy had been since he wasn't in my field of view when I was paddling to the outside; he must have been inside of me trying to catch the wave I got caught up in. At any rate, I apologized and offered to pay for the damage he was screaming about, but he preferred to keep yelling at me, calling me a menace. So D quietly led me away from the jerk and his friends. I actually managed to catch a wave then and ride for a few more milliseconds than I had done. But the peace of the morning was ruined. People like that are the true menaces to the surfing experience. Shit happens, but we're supposed to be out there to have fun. It's not good to lose sight of what's important.

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