20 December 2008

HMB @ Jetty, 20 December 2008

L and his wife B met up with me for a sunset session at the Jetty. Waaay too tiny and mushy for the fish, so L let me borrow his old 8' longboard. It has a puffy delammed deck but still rides well. No one else was out, so we had the slow knee-high waves all to ourselves. While S walked almost to town along the shore of Half Moon Bay, B's brother R took pix from the beach.

After a couple getting-used-to-the-board wipeouts, including the inevitable pearl, I dialed in and got some nice down-the-line rides, shuffling toward the nose to keep on the wave. Bunny-slope waves to be sure, but fun and stoke-replenishing.

As I changed in the muddy parking lot, we were treated to a beautiful sunset at only 5 pm. Tomorrow is winter solstice, day of maximum darkness. Then the sun takes back the night and gives more time to surf.

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