17 December 2008


Not an actual photo of Linda Mar. But it felt this cold.

I sabotaged my surf session this morning. I planned to meet up with L at the HMB Jetty, but it was flat, so we shifted to Linda Mar. When I pulled into the lot, the MINI informed me that the air temperature was 34 degrees, barely above freezing. Brrr! A new record low for me on dawn patrol, colder even than any day I'd surfed on the Washington coast in winter. But there were some fun looking waves coming through, and (obviously) hardly anyone out. And I needed to get wet, especially with the swell fading and nothing new incoming anytime soon. So I got my board off the car and de-bagged, then started to change. But when I pulled my wetsuit from the plastic surf gear box, I found I'd brought the wrong one! Instead of my 5/4 with integral hood, I had only a 4/3 with no hood.

34 degrees. No hood. Not enough rubber. I may be crazy to surf in such cold, but I'm not that crazy. Hmm, perhaps there was some subconscious, more rational part of my brain that took control of packing for surf last night?

Still need to get wet...

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