20 February 2008

Linda Mar, 20 February 2008

This morning looked like my one window of surfing opportunity until next week. It was supposedly between storms, and the swell was coming up again. So I headed to Lindamar for dawn patrol. I was mad at myself for not surfing somewhere on Monday, especially after learning that M & N were have a fun sesh at Waddell when I drove by without even stopping for a long look.

Unfortunately, they can't predict the weather here any better than in Seattle, and "isolated showers" turned out to be frequent downpours. No matter, I was getting wet anyway. Too bad though for S, who was planning to walk on the beach (sorry!).

Linda Mar was behaving nicely, glassy and up to shoulder high with fewer than the usual number of closeouts. The rain kept the crowd low and a seal was cruising the lineup. I slid off the backside on a couple waves (popped up too soon?) and caught one but fell (I think I forgot the instructor's advice to stay low, dammit). Happily, with the earplugs and wristbands, no sign of seasickness - yay!

I was out for less than an hour when the pumphouse gates opened and torrents of murky brown water started pouring into the surf. After overnight rains it seemed like pushing it to expose myself to that added muck, so I headed for shore. I rinsed off in the shower but nevertheless by the afternoon I had a hot splotchy red rash on my face, which thankfully disappeared by the next morning. Makes one wonder just what is in the water...?


  1. Ewww! But San Pedro Creek does now have an advisory for high e. coli levels...