18 February 2008

Davenport, 18 February 2008

Skunked! No surfing today. With Surfline calling conditions for the weekend "good", I decided to wait for President's Day and hopefully smaller crowds. Probably a good call on the latter, since Surfline Sunday said it was "fun but crowded". Unfortunately, by the time I reached the beach, there was too little swell and too little tide. Damn, shoulda been there earlier! It's doubly bad because we're heading to the mountains this weekend, so I won't be able to get wet until next week sometime. Heavy sigh.

I first checked out my new fav spot, Indicators, but there was nothing going on there. A clot of longboarders were hoping for a passing ripple at Cowells, and a dozen folks were crowding the occassional shoulder-high rollers at Steamer Lane. Not that I'd have the balls (ha!) to venture into the Lane, even on a small day.

It was a little breezy even in town but I decided to drive up the coast to some full-frontal beaches that ought to be catching more of the remaining swell. Davenport had a few guys out, but the tide had just gone negative and it didn't look too enticing. Although definitely this was a time that if I had a surfing buddy with me saying let's do it I would've gone out. But on my own, I just couldn't overcome the inertia against getting in 50-degree water on a cool breezy day with so-so conditions. And with it getting more and more drained, soon all the surfers had left, so I felt at bit better about my call. At any rate I would've been uncomfortable in the water all alone. Da dum, da dum, da dum, da dum...

Anyway, S and I took the opportunity to explore the tide pools and try out the macro setting on my new camera.

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