25 February 2007

Pleasure Point, 24 Feb 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: Just before & after 0.2' low
Wind: Light, then breezy
Air/Water Temp: 48/53 degrees
Wildlife: Black & white birds, blue fish

Another overcrowded and frustrating day near Pleasure Point. D and I met up with some of the crew from Stokemaster.com at 41st Ave, then paddled closer to the Point, where it was breaking about 4-6'. Since it looked like the sun was going to come out when we left the car, I had my SeaSpecs around my neck. It was hard for me to get any waves because there were so many people in the water. I pearled badly on the first wave I caught, leading to one of those washing machine moments that left me grateful when I finally broke the surface to take a breath. Unfortunately, the tumbling must have flexed my SeaSpecs too much, because when the sun did make a brief appearance, I found both the lenses were gone. Bummer.

I had to back off a lot, even the five or so times I was up and riding, because someone else was already on the wave, and once accidentally hit a guy I didn't see. He was a bit pissed off but accepted my apology. Then I moved out to the far shoulder again to get more clearance, but caught nada. With the wind picking up, my teeth we chattering, and we headed in. I passed a little flock of striking black and white birds who made a sound like a ray gun in a 1950s sci-fi flick when they took flight, and saw a pair of brilliant blue fish in the shallows.

We were both really really cold when we got to the car, and the hot water I'd brought felt really really good.

So no good rides, but it still beats painting molding.

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  1. Great surfing with you and D. Sorry it did not work out well, especially on Sunday. My buddy "L" and I were actually hanging around inside 38th for a while caught quite a few waves and nobody else knew about it. I usually don't go for the most crowded biggest waves so you may want to "hang with us" the next time. See you in the water soon!