12 February 2007

Linda Mar, 12 Feb 2007

Swell Direction: W
Tide: falling, 1.5 hours past 5.2' high
Wind: Very light
Air/Water Temp: 45/54 degrees

Pacificwaverider and Surfline were both so wrong today. Pacificwaverider said HMB @ Jetty was 1-2'; it was bigger. Surfline said Linda Mar was 4-7'; it was smaller. Always a gamble when you head for the coast before dawn...

D and I checked out the Jetty first, but it was about 3-5', messy, disorganized and uninviting with no one out. So we drove up to Linda Mar, which already had a small crowd (per usual), also about 3-5' but cleaner with some ridable waves here and there. It took a while to snag any, but we each rode one in close succession before we had to leave. Clearly I need to work on my backside turns, but that's hard when you only catch one wave in 30 minutes!

My new 4/3 Hotline wetsuit kept me warm enough. Now if only I could find some booties that fit so my feet stop going numb....