04 February 2007

HMB @ Jetty, 4 Feb 2007

No pix today - camera battery was dead when I got out on the water, after only about 120 shots.

Surfline's forecast for this weekend was the rare "good" so I had my hopes up. Surfline lies. Or maybe somewhere on the San Mateo County coast there were good waves, but not at the Jetty, where it was mostly closed out. Or at Linda Mar, which I drove by (sort of) on the way home. Or at Montara, although the 3 guys out had more - and bigger - shoulders coming at them than at HMB or LM. Pacificwaverider had it wrong to, calling it 1-2'; it was more like 3-4' when I got there but dropping in size and consistency as the tide pulled out. It was pretty glassy though, and a beautiful warm sunny day. I thought there would be fewer people in the water (about 2 dozen at HMB, 60+ at Lindy - ick!), but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that some guys would rather surf than watch the Superbowl.

Compared to my last surf sesh at Pavones, it was crap. Yet I still managed to catch 3 waves before my frozen feet drove me in, and proved to myself I can do it right (backside) as well as left. Well, maybe not as well...