02 March 2007

Linda Mar, 2 Mar 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: 2.5 hours before 5.8’ high
Wind: Light offshore
Air/Water Temp: 42/51 degrees

March came in like a polar bear, and it was only 42 degrees when I arrived at Linda Mar just after daylight. While I was able to dig deep to find the motivation to drive to the beach for a solo dawn patrol, the ocean looked so uninviting that I couldn’t bring myself to paddle out alone. The north end was mushy, the south end was contaminated, and the middle was 2-4’, inconsistent and closing out. Still, one uninformed or foolhardy longboarder was risking illness on the far south, and another was attempting with little success to catch something in front of the bathhouse.

The Surfline reporter, who supposedly was there at the same time, called the surf as "3-5 ft. - waist to head high and fair conditions". IMO, they just put in whatever the Surfline forecast was predicting regardless of reality. In all fairness, she did note "Cleaner conditions but still generally walled up form. Occasionally ridable corners with the rising high tide." So best to read the details.

I drove south in search of better conditions. Montara was small, breaking all over the place, and totally mushed out. The Jetty wasn’t closing out as much as Linda Mar, but it was smaller, mostly about 2’, and only breaking right next to the jetty heading into a bunch of partly submerged rocks. Two people out there, looked like beginners.

At least it was a nice morning for a drive along the ocean…

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