16 February 2007

Linda Mar & HMB, 16 Feb 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: Rising, two hours before 6.5' high
Wind: Light
Air Temp: 50 degrees

Skunked! Surfline’s forecast was 3-5’ and fair conditions, but Linda Mar was jumbled and disorganized, breaking all over the place not far off the beach, with a bit of wind chop on it. I suppose one might’ve been able to find a rideable wave somewhere out there with enough patience and the good luck to be in the right random spot at the right time, but when I arrived just after daybreak no one was even trying. There was also a island of fog only over the cove in the midst of otherwise sunny skies. HMB @ jetty was cleaner but small, maybe up to 2’, breaking too close to the rocks on the near-high tide, with no one out there either. Hopefully tomorrow will be better; maybe I'll try down south, Capitola or Pleasure Point.

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