29 January 2007

My 5 Minutes of Fame

No surfing over the weekend because it rained both days, and I'm not looking to get sick from dirty water. Unfortunately I won't be able to surf during the week either as the tides are all wrong (high high before work, low low after work). Sigh...
But I just came across a link on the Pura Vida Adventures surf camp website to a New York Times article that has three pictures of lil' old me (unnamed, hence I figure I only used up maybe 5 minutes of the 15 I have coming).

I had a great time at Pura Vida surf camp, in Mal Pais ("bad country"), Costa Rica, in early July 2005. I'd definitely recommend it. There just happened to be a NYT photographer there when I was, taking pix for an article on vacations combining yoga with surfing and other activities.