10 November 2015

Tribal Wave

Winter arrived in San Diego while I was away. Before my trip, the ocean was 73 degrees; Monday morning it was only 68. Brr (compared to 80 degrees in Costa Rica).
There were two other San Diegans at Surf Simply with me, and we arranged to meet up mid-morning at Hennemans. I paddled out with Jessica to the empty peak, where the waves were sluggish and lully on the just-past high tide.
Me and Jessica waiting for waves (photo by Mike)
I rode a couple short ones but after Mike joined us in the water, we headed over to Hairmos, which looked like more fun. My new friends caught some good waves but I was always in the wrong place. On my way back through Hennemans, I rode a fun carvey long left all the way to the beach.

A storm blew through overnight and ravaged the surf for my birthday. Although I couldn't get on the waves, I put a wave on me. I'm going to have Ronan add some "water" under the curl because it looks rather like shorepound.

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