30 November 2015

A Pod of Poachers

Jessica, me and Mike
Jessica and I both tried Mike's 6'6" Degree33 Poacher last week at Cardiff, and took advantage of their Black Friday sale to buy our own 7'2" Poachers – so we could #getoutside on other days.
Three Poachers: Jessica's 7'2", my 7'2", Mike's 6'6"... and my weird shadow
I looked at this website, trying to come up with a clever title for our gathering of three Poachers. Some of these are too clever not to share:
  • a pace of donkeys
  • a parade of elephants
  • a pounce of cats
  • a passel of pigs
  • a prickle of porcupines
  • a paddling of ducks
  • a party of jays
  • a parliament of owls
  • a pandemonium of parrots
Whatever you want to call it, our pack had a fun morning surf at Hennemans, despite picking up a few dings (on Mike's body and board and my body). It was unfortunately crowded, except for a few minutes during shift change, as everyone's surf starved in San Diego.
The waves were overhead on sets but I stayed off the main peak, lacking confidence on the new board, which I think I'll call Carazul. (It's a squashing of "blue face" in Spanish, given her Costa Rican roots and since that's where she wants to be.) Although I caught several on the inside from a late takeoff, a strategy that's worked well on my 6'2" in crowds at that break, I got bogged down in whitewater and was only able to get to the shoulder once.
X marks the balance point and defines forward trim and aft carve "buttons" 
The new board won't be muscled through sloppy turns with pressure on what Surf Simply calls the "trim button" – it demands use of the "carve button". Like Mike said, you can't be so sloppy on a longer board. This new 7'2" will be good for my surfing.
New board inspection by Kaylee

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