05 November 2015

Surf Simply: Jueves (Thursday)

My 6'2" Al Merrick Flyer
All week, the ten of us have been asking the staff, "Where's Thyago?" (Or sometimes, "Where's Iago? No, wait, that's the Shakespeare character.") The camp hosts up to 12 guests at a time, and one had cancelled before the week began. The mysterious Thyago, however, was supposed to arrive Sunday after missing his flight the day before. Then we heard that he was in the country, but two more days passed and still no Thyago. He missed his scheduled massage. Finally we learned that Thyago had arrived at the airport in Costa Rica, only to be refused entry because he traveled from Brazil without proof of yellow fever vaccination. He paid for two weeks of camp but would never join us, poor guy.
The swell picked up again, bringing the waves back overhead. I got several so-so rides in the morning, which was when they videotaped us.
Bah! Didn't you learn anything yet?! Feet, hips, hands, head – all wrong.
There were usually smoothies waiting after morning surf, mmm.
In the afternoon, Kim and I worked on carving turns in the whitewater. Fran noticed I had trouble carving backside, so she made me practice that more.
Post-surf dip in the pool. Mike, Lauren, Miguel, and Jessica
We ate dinner at the Harmony Hotel, which had been pumped up in advance by the staff and repeat guests. It was a hotel restaurant with slow service and a lot of children running around. 'Nuf said. But they were very environmentally-conscious; the straws were bamboo, so good on them.
Back row: Jessica, me, Mike, Eric, Ian, Lauren, Michael, Mike (Miguel), Ted, Kim

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