20 February 2015

Fishing for Small Waves

On a lark, I decided to take Nemo to Hennemans this morning instead of my go-to 6'2". I'd never ridden my short fish there before, but hey, why not try it?

The swell dropped a couple of feet since yesterday and the tide was rising fast to a 6' high. It was a challenge to get into the soft waves on the 5'4" and to drop in correctly when I managed it.
I'm glad I took Nemo, because the distinctive clownfish markings allowed @xzolian to spot me and say hi. Always nice to meet virtual people IRL.

Incrementally rising to the challenge, my wave-catching and riding got better as the session went on, culminating in a couple of nice lefts to finish. Those rides were all the sweeter for having to work so hard to earn them.

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