23 September 2014

Summer Slipping Away

Too quickly, I went from surfing comfortably in a 1-mil vest and Seea leggings, to shivering a little in my 2-mil short jane and wishing for my 3/2 fullsuit. It's the first day of fall, and it shows.
From the Surfline cam
I'd been out of the water - no, just away from my surfboards - for five days, and that showed too. My first maneuver was a cartwheel that began with a pearl and featured a complete inversion while I clung to my 6'2". How embarrassing. Fortunately there were not many around to witness it, and my surfing could not help but improve from there. The waves were pretty fun, although small, and I stretched my 3-decent-waves minimum to include several more before I was done. Little stoked.

And now here's some eye candy from my weekend on a friend's sailboat moored off of Catalina Island - an experience which completely disabused me of the notion of living on a boat, due to extreme sleep deprivation. Swells are best as surf.
Buffalo really do look like cartoon animals. Overlooking one of the Two Harbors at the Isthmus.
Perspective. It wasn't THAT big. (photo by Collin)
Yeah, right... If you want to jump off a cliff
At the rock a short swim from our boat in Emerald Bay - like snorkeling in an aquarium
One of many garibaldis, the California state fish
The Getaway moored in Emerald Bay
Two Cynthias, sailing home

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